Sports Injuries


Sports injuries are extremely common amongst those who compete, train or spend time at the gym, and often require immediate treatment to offset the symptoms before they get worse.


Acute injuries to joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments are also common sources of pain and the sooner you make an appointment with your Leeds physiotherapist  the better. At David Stringer Physiotherapy, all of our sports injury clients receive a complete and detailed assessment at their very first appointment so that we can devise a specific and effective treatment plan for moving forward.


As leading Leeds physiotherapists, we specialise in techniques such as soft tissue manipulation, electrotherapy and ultrasound, joint mobilisation and manipulation, acupuncture, core stability and exercise rehabilitation to get you back on your feet. As well as treating your current sports injury, we will also offer you advice and guidance on how best to avoid repeating it in the future.

For information on how David Stringer Physiotherapy may be able to help you, contact us today on 07974 578 191 or drop David an email here…