Back Pain & Sciatica


Up to 80% of people in the UK will experience trouble with their back at least once in their lives. A back strain or injury can cause pain in a number of areas, including the lumbar spine (wear & tear, slipped disc), pelvis and buttocks, and a problem with the back can cause any number of symptoms which can steadily get worse if not correctly addressed.


Lower back pain can even cause pain to be referred to the leg, commonly referred to as sciatica.   The sciatic nerve runs from the lower part of the back, down the leg to the heel and toes, and if the nerve is irritated the pain can be frequent and excessive.


David Stringer Physiotherapy are one of the leading Leeds physiotherapists  specialising in back pain and sciatic nerve treatments.


We have excellent relationships with some of the finest orthopaedic specialists and surgeons in the Yorkshire area, so you’re guaranteed to receive the highest quality of care from the start of your treatment until you’ve made a full recovery.

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